2022 OISTAT Meeting Schedule

Aug 31, 2022
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Full OISTAT Meetings & Events List
Date Meetings & Events Location
January 21 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
February 22 Performance Design Commission Meeting Online
March 8 Costume Design Sub-commission Meeting Online
March 18 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
March 27 WSD 2022 Celebrates World Theatre Day TBC
March (Date TBC)  Research Commission Meeting Online
May 11-15 Costume Design  Sub-commission Meeting Mexico City, Mexico
May 13 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
June 14-16 Research Commission Meeting London, UK
Bruges, Belgium
Hybrid Meeting
August 6-16 World Stage Design Calgary, Canada
Hybrid Event
August 12 Executive Committee Meeting Calgary, Canada
Hybrid Meeting
Governing Board Meeting
Executive Committee & Governing Board Meeting
Architecture Commission Meeting
August 13 OISTAT Small Congress
Performance Design Commission Meeting
August 14 Education Commission Meeting
Publication & Communication Meeting & Chair Election
Lighting Design Sub-commission Meeting
Technology Commission Meeting & Chair Election
August 15 Research Commission Meeting
Costume Design Sub-commission Meeting
Sound Design Sub-commission Meeting & Chair Election
Space Design Sub-commission Meeting
October 14 Architecture Commission Meeting Online
October 25-30 SENA 2022, Southern European & Northern African Festival Morocco